Shielded insulated power cord


1. Performance requirements of shielded power cord: Bas […]

1. Performance requirements of shielded power cord: Basic requirements for similar power cords that are not shielded.

2. because it meets the requirements of equipment for shielding (anti-interference performance), it is generally recommended for medium-level electromagnetic interference occasions; plastic sheathed rubber power cord can be laid directly in the soil.

3. The shielding layer should be in good contact with the connecting device or grounded at one end, and the shielding layer should not be loosened, continuously threaded and not easily scraped by foreign objects.

4. structure
1) Conductor power cord: tin plating is allowed in some occasions;
2) The surface coverage density of the shielding layer should meet the standard or meet the user's requirements; the shielding layer should be woven or wrapped with tinned copper wire; if the sheath should be squeezed outside the shielding, the shielding can be woven or wrapped with soft round copper wire.
3) In order to prevent internal interference between the core or the pair, each core (or pair) can be produced with separate phase shielding structures.