Power cable cabling safety and waste reasons


1 Power line operators must have been trained in specia […]

1 Power line operators must have been trained in specialized technical training, qualified and certified.
2 Check the safety device of the machine before driving, and the cage is firm.
3 Producers cannot stay by the cage.
4 The upper and lower plates must be properly fixed and operated.
5 It is forbidden to fill oil, clean or repair the upper and lower plates of the machine when the machine is running.
6 It is forbidden to put tools or other things on the machine.
7 When the machine is started, it is forbidden to lean on the machine or safety device. It is forbidden to pass any objects on the top of the machine.
8 When a fault occurs, stop immediately and notify the team leader to deal with it.
9 When the work is over or the stop is stopped, the power cord plug should be cut off immediately.
There are scratches on the cable line, scratching on the edge of the take-up reel, the reeling line can not exceed the pitch of the disc side of the disc, the stepless conversion pitch is not adjusted well, and the stepless transformation is adopted according to the process requirements. Re-adjust the pitch core break, double the strand, the tension between the take-up reel and the pay-off disc does not match, adjust the tension between each take-up reel and the take-up reel, so that it matches the take-up reel power supply The height of the line is uneven, the wire rod has no lubricating oil, the screw rod is worn out, and the oil is added in time. Please repair the fitter.