The reason why the power plug is hot during use


It is a common phenomenon that the power plug is heated […]

It is a common phenomenon that the power plug is heated during use. For example, the most common mobile phone charger, when your mobile phone is charging, when you charge the plug, you will find that the plug of the charger is very hot, then What causes the plug to heat up during use? The so-called prevention of plug heat and scald that people verbally say is actually a problem of patch wiring. Therefore, in the process of making the power cord plug, it is necessary to do the wiring work. The plug should be tight and without stacking. No twists, no cracks, no high or low surface requirements, as much as possible to make the power plug perfect. The punching of different inserts is carried out by various molds of different sizes and shapes.

If you want to check the number, what kind of mold is used for the insert, if you use other models of the mold to punch the corresponding inserts, there will be problems such as looseness and exposed copper, so it must be produced.
A power plug like the big South Africa, the terminal is relatively large, you need a thick copper wire to fix, but if the wire diameter required by the customer is relatively small, then how to deal with it? The length of the stripped copper can be increased, and then the copper wire is folded in half, thereby increasing the thickness of the copper wire, so that the terminal can be firmly gripped, and it will not be loosened, and the next manufacturing process. Another example is the British assembly plug. In the work, first pay attention to the part of the power cord copper head, and then carry out the assembly steps. During the assembly process, pay attention to the length of the power cord plugged into the plug, and pay attention to the tightening degree of the screw. If it is too loose, the upper and lower covers of the plug will move. All in all, find the cause of the plug heating, if it is not the cause of the current overload, it is the reason of the plug itself.