Identify the quality of the power cord


1. The partial break of the copper wire inside the plug […]

1. The partial break of the copper wire inside the plug power cable is called a half-break. When the current flows through the half-break, the circuit suddenly becomes narrow, causing overload and high heat.
2. When using v, it should be noted that it cannot be bundled; because the plug power cord is bundled, the heat is difficult to dissipate, so the temperature rises and the plastic melts, causing the copper wire to short-circuit and catch fire.
3, plug the power cord to avoid placing the top of the stove, due to the high temperature of the furnace to melt the plastic, causing the copper wire short-circuit fire.
4. The plug power cord should be used under the allowable load capacity, and the connected flexible socket on the extension cord should use a product with leakage protection device or overload protection device.
5. The use of old, broken plug power cord will cause short circuit, leakage or induction of electricity and other hazards, should be updated immediately.
6. Is there any hot or odor in the plug power cord in use? This is an overload phenomenon, and should immediately stop using the high-powered electrical appliances and promptly notify the professional electrician for inspection.
7. A simple algorithm to confirm whether the plug power cable is overloaded: the sum of the power of the plug power cord / the power supply voltage, the result is to estimate the current, compared with the rated capacity of the socket, should be less than the rated capacity of the socket.