The power cord structure has three main parts.


The first part: the outer sheath, the outer sheath is g […]

The first part: the outer sheath, the outer sheath is generally used for protection, and the structure inside the protection is not damaged, so that the power cord can be used normally and safely. The outer sheath is directly in contact with the outside world, so the outer sheath is generally resistant to insulation, high temperature, cold, oil, abrasion and toughness.
The second part: the wire sheath is also called the insulating sheath. According to the name, the main function is to isolate the external object from direct contact with the current during use, resulting in safe use.
The third part: the inner core, the core is the core part of the power line, is the direct contact between the electrical and electrical current, is the medium of current and electrical appliances. The material of the inner core is generally a copper core, so the quality of the copper core directly affects the quality of the power cord.