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Ningbo Biaoda Electric Co., Ltd.

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Electrical Appliance Manufacturer

Ningbo Biaoda Electric Co., Ltd. is China PVC Resin Particle Raw Materials Manufacturers and custom PVC Resin Particle Raw Materials factory specializing in producing Electric Main Products, such as adaptors, power strips, plugs, sockets, extension cords, cable reels and so on.

In addition, we have set up R/D department that specially engages in developing new products. Our products, especially the AC general connector series, can be widely used in PC, electronic product, electric appliances and dynamic tools. In order to supply first-class products for our customers, we have introduced advanced equipments.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

What industries and applications commonly use PVC resin particle raw materials?

PVC resin particle raw materials are widely used in various industries and applications due to the versatile nature of PVC and its ability to be molded into different forms. Here are some industries and applications that commonly use PVC resin particle raw materials:
Construction and Building: PVC resin particles are extensively used in the construction industry for producing pipes, fittings, conduits, window profiles, door frames, roofing materials, siding, and other building components.
Electrical and Electronics: PVC resin is used to manufacture cables, wires, insulation, and sheathing for electrical applications, including power distribution, wiring, and electronics.
Automotive: PVC resin particles are used in automotive applications such as interior trim, upholstery, door panels, dashboard components, wire harnesses, and insulation.
Medical and Healthcare: PVC resin is used in medical applications for producing medical tubing, bags, containers, catheters, and other disposable medical devices.
Consumer Goods: Various consumer products are made from PVC resin, including toys, footwear, luggage, rainwear, inflatable products, and household items like shower curtains and flooring.
Packaging: PVC resin is used for blister packaging, clamshell packaging, and other forms of packaging for consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.
Agriculture: PVC resin is used for agricultural applications such as irrigation pipes, hoses, and greenhouse films.
Furniture: PVC resin particles are used in producing furniture components, including upholstery, cushions, frames, and coverings.
Signage and Graphics: PVC resin is used to make vinyl films and sheets for signage, banners, billboards, and graphic applications.
Marine and Outdoor: PVC resin is used for marine applications, including boat upholstery, covers, inflatable boats, and outdoor furniture.
Industrial Equipment: PVC resin is used in various industrial equipment components, such as industrial curtains, screens, and enclosures.
Footwear: PVC resin is used to produce footwear components, such as shoe soles, straps, and uppers.
Sporting Goods: PVC resin is used in sporting goods such as inflatable equipment, sports balls, and protective gear.
Textiles: PVC resin is used in coated fabrics for various applications, including awnings, tents, tarpaulins, and upholstery.
Water Management: PVC resin is used in applications related to water management, such as pipes, fittings, and drainage systems.
Automated and Robotic Systems: PVC resin is used for protective covers, cable management systems, and other components in automated and robotic systems.
These are just a few examples of the many industries and applications that rely on PVC resin particle raw materials. The versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness of PVC make it a popular choice for a wide range of products in both consumer and industrial sectors.

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