What kind of power plug material is better?


Injection power plug: Injection plug is the plug and th […]

Injection power plug: Injection plug is the plug and the wire through the high temperature, high pressure pressure together, once formed, it can not be assembled and disassembled, such power plug features are obvious, stable and safe. More than 80% of the power plugs that are generally circulating in the market are such power plugs. Assembling the power plug: The assembly plug is the power cord and the plug are fixed together by screws, etc., but can be assembled and disassembled during use, thus ensuring the flexibility of the power plug. For example, a large proportion of the UK market is using this type of assembled power plug. 2-core power plug: 2-core power plug as the name suggests is that the plug has two inserts or two pins, specific inserts or pins, each country standard is different, for example, China is two inserts, Europe is Two round pins. 3-pin power plug: The 3-pin power plug, as the name suggests, has three plugs or three pins or two blades or two pins plus a grounding hole. Such a structure is more complicated than a 2-core power plug, and the size and diameter of the pin have great requirements. The length and the distance between the pins are all factors to be considered.