What are the types of switch sockets?


1.86 type switch: The most common switch socket has a s […]

1.86 type switch: The most common switch socket has a square appearance, with a size of 86mm×86mm. This type of switch is often called the 86 type switch. The 86 type is an international standard. Many developed countries are equipped with the 86 type. The most commonly used switch in engineering and home improvement in most areas.

2.118 type switch: 118 type switch generally refers to the horizontally mounted strip switch. Type 118 switches are generally freely combined: different functional modules are inserted into the frame, and they are used more in Chongqing, Hubei, Guangxi and other places. 118 type switch is generally divided into small box, medium box and large box in the electrician's list. The long size is 118MM, 154MM, 195MM, and the width is generally 74MM. The advantage of the 118 switch socket lies in his DIY style! More flexible, you can change the color according to your own needs and preferences, easy to disassemble and assemble, and free in style.

3.120 type switch: 120 type common modules are based on 1/3, that is, three 1/3 standard modules can be installed on a standard 120mm×74mm panel installed vertically. The modules are divided into 1/3, 2/3, and 1 bit according to their size. Type 120 refers to the height of the panel is 120mm, which can be equipped with functional parts of one unit, two units or three units.
There are two external dimensions of 120 type switch, one is single connection, 74mm×120mm, can be configured with one unit, two units or three unit functional parts; the other is double connection, 120mm×120mm, can be configured with four Unit, five-unit or six-unit function.

4.146 type switch: twice the width of ordinary switch sockets, such as some four-position switches, ten-hole sockets, etc., the panel size is generally 86mm×146mm or similar, and the center distance of the mounting holes is 120.6 mm. Note: Long cassettes can only be installed.