What are the types of power plugs?


Power plugs can be roughly divided into conversion powe […]

Power plugs can be roughly divided into conversion power plugs, injection molded power plugs and assembled power plugs.
Conversion power plug: The standard of the power plug in each country is different. For example, if the power plug of China is in the United States, it cannot be used. A conversion plug is required to complete the conversion. In this case, the power plug needs to be converted. Converting a power plug is to convert a national standard plug into another national standard power plug.
Injection power plug: The injection plug is that the plug and the wire are pressed together through high temperature and high pressure. Once formed, they cannot be assembled and disassembled. The characteristics of such a power plug are obvious, stable and safe. More than 80% of the power plugs in circulation on the market are such power plugs.
Assembling the power plug: Assembling the plug means that the power cord and the plug are fixed together by screws, etc., but can be assembled and disassembled during use, which ensures the flexibility of the power plug. For example, a large percentage of the British market is using this type of assembled power plug.