What are the performance indicators of twisted pair power lines (2)


As a manufacturer of power cable, let me introduce you […]

As a manufacturer of power cable, let me introduce you

(4) Characteristic impedance
Different from the loop DC resistance, the characteristic impedance includes resistance and inductance impedance and capacitance impedance of 1-100MHz, which is related to the distance between a pair of wires and the electrical performance of the insulator. Various cables have different characteristic impedances, and twisted pair cables have 100 ohms, 120 ohms and 150 ohms.

(5) Attenuated crosstalk ratio (ACR)
In some frequency ranges, the ratio of crosstalk to attenuation is another important parameter that reflects cable performance. ACR is also sometimes expressed as a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR: Signal-Noice ratio), which is calculated from the difference between the worst attenuation and the NEXT value. ACR value is larger, which means that the ability to resist interference is stronger. General system requirements are at least greater than 10 decibels.
(6) Cable characteristics
The quality of the communication channel is described by its cable characteristics. SNR is a measure of data signal strength considering interference signals. If the SNR is too low, it will cause the receiver to be unable to distinguish between the data signal and the noise signal when the data signal is received, which will eventually cause data errors. Therefore, in order to limit data errors to a certain range, a minimum acceptable SNR must be defined