What are the correct ways to use the socket?(2)


5. Prevent "small horse-drawn carts" The socket has a p […]

5. Prevent "small horse-drawn carts"
The socket has a primary indicator, additional current. It is required that the extra current of the electrical appliance plugged into the socket should not be greater than the extra current of the socket, that is, the pony cannot be used to pull the cart, otherwise the socket will heat up, affect the service life, damage the appliance, and even cause a fire. Pay special attention not to plug high-power household appliances such as air conditioners and microwave ovens into sockets with small extra current values.
6. The plug is often wiped
Electrical plugs should be wiped frequently, otherwise, dust or patina will gradually accumulate on the two poles of the plug. Adding the touch resistance of the socket and the plug will cause high temperature during use, which will affect the service life of the socket or burn out the socket, or even cause a fire.
7. If the socket and the plug do not match, replace the socket to prevent changing the size and shape of the plug
After many families buy back electrical appliances, if they find that the plug does not match the socket at home. Instead of adopting the solution of replacing the socket, adopt the method of changing the size or shape of the electrical plug. It is common to break the grounding pin of the three-pin plug and insert it into a two-eye socket. The primary damage to this is to cause poor contact between the plug and the socket (because the three-eye plug has an oblique foot), reduce the reliability of the power supply of household appliances, and damage the household appliances and plug sockets. Even causing a fire, the more serious problem is that the grounded metal shell of household appliances. Without grounding, when the housing of household appliances is electrified due to faults, an electric shock will occur once the human body touches it. A large number of calculation results show that most of the electrocution deaths caused by the use of household appliances are formed for this reason. Therefore, when the electrical plug does not correspond to the standard of the socket, do not artificially change the size or shape of the plug. The method of replacing the socket must be adopted.
8. Use multi-purpose power sockets carefully
Manufacturers of power cord plugs use multiple power sockets with many sockets, which are convenient and economical to use. Many families, especially rural families, like to use it, and the electrical appliances plugged into the multi-use socket are often left open together. This seems very convenient, but in fact there are many disadvantages, and there are many unexpected damages. One is to form a power supply voltage drop. Because the multi-purpose socket and the power connection cable have extra capacity, if multiple household appliances are used together on the same multi-purpose socket, the instantaneous current is bound to be too large. Cause the voltage to drop, and then affect the normal operation of electrical appliances. If the voltage drop is too large, some electrical appliances may be damaged. The second is to burn the power lead and cause a fire. Many electrical appliances use the same multi-purpose socket, especially when there are high-power appliances and long-term use, the socket and its power lead are seriously overloaded, too tired, and heat can not be dissipated. It is easy to melt and burn the insulation layer and cause a fire. The third is to form a short circuit. When there are too many multi-purpose socket jacks. Problems such as improper interval planning and insufficient precision are often present. The existence of these problems. It may cause a short circuit or even an electric shock during the long-term plugging and unplugging of the user. In order to prevent damage to the use of multi-use sockets, users are advised: prevent two or more high-power electrical appliances from using a multi-use socket together. For some frequently moving electrical appliances, multi-use sockets can be used, but use it with caution and do not open multiple electrical appliances together. , Prevent overload and ensure safe operation.
9. Use the power lead directly into the socket
When using mobile electrical appliances in villages and some construction sites, it is not necessary to connect the plug to the socket. It is widely adopted to directly pierce the power lead into the socket, and then use a small mallet or flat screwdriver to pierce the socket hole to plug the power lead tightly. The choice of this connection method for power supply and socket often causes poor touch and short-circuit, ranging from a burned socket to serious fire and personal electric shock. According to national standards. The power lead of the mobile electrical appliance and the power connection must be crimped with a qualified plug or through screws in other switches.