What are the correct ways to use the socket?


1. Prevent wet hands from plugging and unplugging There […]

1. Prevent wet hands from plugging and unplugging
There is water in your hand to plug and unplug, because water is a conductor, it will cause an electric shock.
2. Stop pulling the plug while holding the power cord
Elderly people should be very careful to prevent electric shock when plugging or unplugging. When unplugging the power cord, do not hold the plug. Use the method of pulling the power cord. If the power cord is pulled harder, the part where the power cord connects to the plug will be disconnected and the electrical appliance cannot be supplied normally. The broken part is prone to short circuit and leakage, which can cause fire and electric shock. Therefore, it is forbidden to hold the power cord and pull the plug.
3. If the socket plug is found to be abnormal, replace it in time
When it is found that the temperature of the socket is too high or the socket is arcing or sparking, the plug and socket touch badly. When the plug is too loose or too tight. It should be stopped and replaced in time.
4. Prevent the old socket from over-service
After the socket has exceeded its service life, the copper parts of the internal connection are aging, and the insulation of the shell is poor. It may happen that the shell is electrified and badly touched at any time during use, which will damage the personal safety and electrical safety of the user. Therefore, consumers should have the concept of "socket service life" and allow old sockets to retire on time.