What are the classifications of power plug materials?


1. Injection-molded power plug: The injection-molded pl […]

1. Injection-molded power plug: The injection-molded plug means that the plug and the cord are pressed together through high temperature and high pressure. Once formed, they cannot be assembled or disassembled. Such a power plug has obvious characteristics, stability and safety. More than 80% of the power plugs generally circulating in the market are such power plugs. Installing the power plug: Installing the plug means that the power cord and the plug are fixed together by screws, but they can be assembled and disassembled during use, which ensures the flexibility of the power plug.
2.2-pin power plug: 2-pin power plug means that the plug has two blades or two pins. The detailed blades or pins are different in each country. For example, China has two blades and Europe has two pins. Round needles.
3.3-pin power plug: a 3-pin power plug is a plug with 3 blades or 3 pins or two blades or two pins plus a grounding hole. Such a structure is more messy than a 2-core power plug. The size and diameter of the pins have great requirements, and the length and the distance between the pins are all considerations