What are the advantages of waterproof plugs?


The mechanical strength of the waterproof plug is high. […]

The mechanical strength of the waterproof plug is high. Because the shell is made of plastic with a special process, it can not only receive strong impact and slow aging, but also have an inevitable flame retardant effect. Not only can it be used indoors, but it can also work in the open air for a long time.
The disadvantage of the waterproof plug is whether the linear power regulator has good performance. It adjusts its voltage rate, adjusts the load, and has large output noise and ripple control. It is easy to produce electromagnetic interference from other electronic structures and is processed by the necessary response speed. Compared with a linear power supply, simply plugging in a waterproof control program is more complicated than a linear power supply, which is noisy, but important advantages are that the waterproof plug has fewer performance goals from size and weight and other dynamic performance. More power is provided by the power supply, on a similar premise, which greatly reduces the volume ratio of the output power of the linear power, and also has a significantly lower capital.
Waterproof plug protection measures, due to the presence of chemical raw materials, acid and alkali substances, industrial waste water and other substances near various industrial environments will damage the waterproof plug. In order to prevent these industrial materials, exhaust gas enters the waterproof plug through the plug, causing a short circuit, so that the waterproof plug and the outside world The environment is connected, and the diameter of the power cord of the waterproof plug itself is small, which also limits their carrying capacity.
Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the output power of the mechanical equipment that can be carried when the plug is applied, otherwise the plug will be burned, and the risk of explosion hazards in some areas is quite high. It is best to assemble all the routes of the waterproof plug into the explosion-proof junction box when wiring, so as to avoid spark discharge when the power plug is connected, and damage the place when pulled out.