Three major categories of power plugs


The electrical appliances that we commonly find on the […]

The electrical appliances that we commonly find on the day need to be connected to the power cord through a plug, and the electrical appliances can operate. What people usually see is the power plug, also called the power cord plug. Depending on the purpose of the power plug, the power cord plug can be used at 250V, 125V, 36V, depending on the current, it can be used in 16A, 13A, 10A, 5A, 2.5A.
Internationally, household appliances are divided into three categories:
The first category: appliances with double insulation measures to increase leakage protection, can not ground protection (that is, you can plug two feet). Such as: TV, electric fan, table lamp, etc.
The second category: Electrical appliances refer to electrical appliances with only one layer of insulation. These appliances must be equipped with leakage protectors and grounding protection (that is, three-pin plugs). Therefore, one foot above the three-pin plug is used for grounding protection.
The third category: electrical appliances are electrical appliances that use safe voltage, generally 12-36V electrical appliances.
There are many types of plugs, such as earphone plugs, mobile phone charger plugs that are most commonly used in mobile phones, audio video plugs connected to computers, digital cameras, digital video cameras, etc. all use DC plugs. Huizhou Yuanyang Electronics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive supporting manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, sales and service; mainly producing DC plug, headphone plug, DC head, DC socket and other products.