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Protective socket: The external electronic device does […]

Protective socket: The external electronic device does not need to be plugged and unplugged directly on the computer's host. This not only protects the USB device's interface, but also facilitates the use.

Compared with previous serial, parallel, and infrared interfaces, it offers higher transmission speeds and easier user interfaces with built-in USB-USB

USB extension line

USB extension line (4 sheets)

Direct cable connection is 50 times faster than normal parallel cable. Hot plug USB Network Link is very fast and easy to use in small offices, home offices, mobile users, network games and other environments through which users can share hard disk files, printers, peripherals, and other devices that support network sharing. In the case of only two computers, you can directly and quickly transfer files through the GeneLink program, fully including network card functions, supporting TCP/IP, NETBEUI, IPX/SPX network protocol, supporting USB 1.1, high-speed transmission mode 12MBS, sharing network resources, such as ADSL, MODEM, CD-ROM, printers, scanners and so on.