• General rubber sleeve rubber power cord brief introduction

    General rubber sleeve rubber power cord brief introduction

    1. The general rubber sheathed rubber power cord has a wide application range. It can be applied to all kinds of electrical equipment requiring mobile connection, including the connection of electrical mobile equipment used in various departments of industry and agriculture. 2. According to the use ... read more

    Nov 23, 2019 Industry News
  • Power line manufacturing process (1)

    Power line manufacturing process (1)

    1. Power cord copper and aluminum monofilament drawing Commonly used copper and aluminum rods for power cords, at room temperature, use a wire drawing machine to pass through the die holes of one or several stretching molds to reduce the cross section, length, and strength. Drawing is the first proc... read more

    Nov 15, 2019 Industry News
  • Shielded insulated power cord

    Shielded insulated power cord

    1. Performance requirements of shielded power cord: Basic requirements for similar power cords that are not shielded. 2. because it meets the requirements of equipment for shielding (anti-interference performance), it is generally recommended for medium-level electromagnetic interference occasions; ... read more

    Nov 09, 2019 Industry News
  • Power line performance

    Power line performance

    The power cord is an accessory for home appliances, but it plays a vital role in the use of home appliances. If the power cord is broken, the entire appliance cannot be used. Household power cords should be wired with BVV2 x 2.5 and BVV 2 x 1.5 models. BVV is the national standard code, which is a c... read more

    Nov 01, 2019 Industry News
  • Precautions when purchasing plugs and sockets

    Precautions when purchasing plugs and sockets

    1.You must choose a regular factory, supermarket or specialty store, choose brand products; select the corresponding (matched) products according to the power of the electrical appliances used. 2.We must see if the product mark is complete, whether there is a manufacturer's trademark, and whether th... read more

    Oct 26, 2019 Industry News
  • Safe use of plugs(2)

    Safe use of plugs(2)

    Protection against electric shock Anti-shock protection is a key safety indicator to ensure that the plug and socket, the converter under normal conditions, and even some accidents, will not cause electric shock to users and others. When the plug and the socket are fully or partially inserted, the l... read more

    Oct 19, 2019 Industry News