How to choose a plug?


1. You must choose a regular factory, supermarket or sp […]

1. You must choose a regular factory, supermarket or specialty store, and choose branded products; choose the corresponding (matching) product according to the power of the electrical appliance
2. It is necessary to see if the product logo is complete, whether there is a manufacturer’s trademark, whether there is a safety certification mark in the local country (for example, in the Chinese market, whether there must be a CCC mark), if there is no mark on the plug wire product, this plug The product must be fake and inferior, and the quality of the product will not be guaranteed.
3. Check the qualification certificate and the inspection report issued by the legal department for plug products. If the converter product is not included in the compulsory certification, you should check the inspection qualification report issued by the statutory inspection agency when purchasing, or check whether the file number on the plug is valid or not.
4. Perform a simple insertion experiment on the plug product. The plug should be in good contact after being inserted into the socket. There should be no feeling of looseness, and it can be pulled out without too much force. Because some products have been tested by the factory, but they are transported after the factory, it is inevitable Will damage the plug inserts, test before buying, to reduce a lot of unnecessary losses in the future.
5. Never buy plugs with rotatable pins or artificially change the shape of the plugs. The plugs that have changed their shape must pass CCC certification. Otherwise, they are absolutely unsafe plug products that are easily broken by high-voltage electricity. Use two high-power electrical appliances on one socket at the same time; if the temperature of the plug socket or the power cord is too high or there is fire, stop using it and replace it.