General rubber sleeve rubber power cord brief introduction


1. The general rubber sheathed rubber power cord has a […]

1. The general rubber sheathed rubber power cord has a wide application range. It can be applied to all kinds of electrical equipment requiring mobile connection, including the connection of electrical mobile equipment used in various departments of industry and agriculture.

2. According to the use of rubber power line cross-section size and the ability to with the mechanical external force, divided into light, medium and heavy three. These three types of products have soft and flexible requirements, but the light rubber power cord has a high softness requirement, and is light, small in size, and cannot withstand strong mechanical external forces; the medium rubber power cord has a certain degree of softness. And can withstand considerable mechanical external force; heavy rubber power cord has a higher mechanical strength.
3. Rubber power cord sheath should be tight and a certain roundness. YQW, YZW, YCW type rubber power cords are suitable for field use (such as searchlights, agricultural electric ploughs, etc.), and should have better resistance to sunlight aging.

4. Structure
1) Conductor power core: It is made of copper soft wire strands, the structure is soft, and the large-section surface allows paper bags to improve the bending performance.
2) The insulation is made of natural styrene-butadiene rubber, and the insulation has good aging performance.
3) The rubber for outdoor products uses neoprene or neoprene-based hybrid rubber.