Brief introduction of American plug


①American plug: 120V 50 / 60HZ is divided into two-core […]

①American plug: 120V 50 / 60HZ is divided into two-core wire, three-core wire and polar, non-polar. The copper plug of the power plug to the United States must have a plug terminal sheath;
The line printed on the two core wires indicates the live line; the connection line with a large plug is a neutral line, and the connection line with a small pin is a live line (the concave and convex surface of the power cord is zero and the round surface is a live line);
② There are two modes of wire: NISPT-2 double-layer insulation, XTV and SPT single-layer insulation
NISPT-2: NISPT means double-layer insulation, two-core wire on the -2 surface, core insulation, and outer insulation;
XTV and SPT: indicates a single-layer insulation layer, -2 cores on the surface (the wire body has grooves, and the outer insulation directly covers the copper core conductor);
SPT-3: indicates a single-layer insulated ground wire, -3 indicates a three-core wire (the wire body has a groove, and the middle ground wire is a double-layer insulation);
Both SPT and NISPT are bias wires, and SVT is round wire double-layer insulation. Core insulation Outer insulation
③ American plugs generally use the certification number without directly marking the UL pattern on the plug. For example: E233157 E236618, and printed on the wire.